Friday, March 5, 2010

New Website !!

Our new Primary Web Site:

We are marketing a SUPERIOR LIFESTYLE enabling you to have more Cash, Comfort and Convenience while Caring for Our Environment !

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Investors Show Interest!

We have engaged the interest of numerous investors over the past months that we have been promoting this Positive Energy Lifestyle alternative homes/vehicles technology. We are very close to getting the total funding required for our Technology Demonstrator Display house/model home/sales office in the new Superstition Mountain Estates subdivision in Apache Junction, AZ MLS2905005. As you can see from the below photo, all the infrastructure (streets, curbs, hydrants, signs, cable boxes, etc.)is complete, and ready for the first display house to be built. We're anxious for the flags and lights !

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

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We are now offering a new Asymmetrical ICF configuration wall panel identified in an Oak Ridge National Laboratory report comparing ICF wall panel performance to standard wood stud/wall construction.

The advantage of this new 246% more efficient configuration is that it allows us to build a home structure that requires less materials, fewer components and less labor to install the Geothermal and Solar Energy Management system. That savings means your new home will cost less and it also means more people can afford a true Zero Energy Home!! In fact, consider how much living in a Zero Energy home with virtually no utility bill, about 50% less water bill, and not buying gasoline for 75% to 90% of your family's driving, and you may decide you can't afford NOT to live in a Zero Energy home.
It can also mean a home owner can afford other systems as well, such as water saving or solar lighting as illustrated in our schematic diagram:

Ask us about the availability of conversion electric cars through our affiliation with the Electric Auto Asociation.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Technology Demonstrator Display Home

This is the floor plan of our beautiful Zero Energy display home:
Click on an image below to view a larger photo

This is the artists's illustration of our Technology Demonstrator display home:

This is a Google Earth illustration of the location of the Superstition Mountain Estates subdivision where our Zero Energy Lifestyle Display home will be built:

Here's a photo of the mock ground breaking for our Zero Energy Lifestyle display home at the new Superstition Mountain Estates subdivision:

Introducing from your right; Frank Dell'Armi, Principal Partner of development group of the subdivision; Rick Koberna, General Contractor Builder; At Center; Dipl. Ing. Phys. Edmond Krecké, Founder, Inventor, Developer of Zero Energy system; Don Eyermann, Designer, Isomax system Licensed Partner manufacturer; Tim Owens Solar Power System supplier. Note; Check out Dr. Krecké's international web site at; (Click U.S. flag far left margin for English)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

This site is dedicated to explaining what is a "Zero Energy Lifestyle" and identifying its benefits and positive consequences, and showing photos of the work in progress. We have several other sites relating this work, too.

Please enter to review our "Current Status of the Business" (How we're doing it) blog. Thank You! That blog is the site which we are regularly updating with photos of our completed and in work "Energy Efficient" well as 3D Virtual Reality illustrated "tours" of three contracted projects for our clients that we are going to be building in 2009. is the European web site. (please click the U.S. flag far left margin to transform some of the site to English) In the "Partners" tab section, you will find our photos starting with the ninth photo on the left. Under the "References" Tab, find "Project USA" third from the bottom in the navigation (selection) list on the left side. There is a link there to take you to our site. is the "home" site with links to our other web sites.

Please check back regularly to keep abreast of our progress as we endeavor to bring this "Zero Energy Lifestyle" concept to fruition and proliferate it in the American market place. Thank you.

A "Zero Energy Lifestyle" is comprised of three elements;

1. A Zero Energy Home (that is a geothermal and solar energy system managed home)

2. Solar and or wind generated electricity (for the family's needs and entertainment)

3. An all elecric car, (optimally it will be recharged by the solar/wind system in item 2).

Here's the vehicle we are engaged in converting to be all electric drive for our Zero Energy Lifestyle Technology Demnonstrator Display Home in the Superstition Mountain Estates subdivision in Apache Junction, Az. MLS2905005

This is a photo of the electric motor and controller which we have acquired to drive the MGTD-VW-EV car.

Below is a collage of photos of the 1991 Jaguar XJS we are also converting to electric drive. Contrary to American automobile industry assertations that there is no demand for electric automobiles, we listed this car and sold it within a two week period for $30,000.00!! There is in fact so much demand for Thunder Sky Lithium Ion Iron Phosphate advanced batteries that we have a 60 to 90 day wait to get the batteries we have ordered for this Jaguar.

Check back for more information and updates as we move forward with this project.

Added 4 May 2009:
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