Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A "Zero Energy Lifestyle" is comprised of three elements;

1. A Zero Energy Home (that is a geothermal and solar energy system managed home)

2. Solar and or wind generated electricity (for the family's needs and entertainment)

3. An all elecric car, (optimally it will be recharged by the solar/wind system in item 2).

Here's the vehicle we are engaged in converting to be all electric drive for our Zero Energy Lifestyle Technology Demnonstrator Display Home in the Superstition Mountain Estates subdivision in Apache Junction, Az. MLS2905005

This is a photo of the electric motor and controller which we have acquired to drive the MGTD-VW-EV car.

Below is a collage of photos of the 1991 Jaguar XJS we are also converting to electric drive. Contrary to American automobile industry assertations that there is no demand for electric automobiles, we listed this car and sold it within a two week period for $30,000.00!! There is in fact so much demand for Thunder Sky Lithium Ion Iron Phosphate advanced batteries that we have a 60 to 90 day wait to get the batteries we have ordered for this Jaguar.

Check back for more information and updates as we move forward with this project.

Added 4 May 2009:
Click on image to view full screen illustration

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