Wednesday, March 25, 2009

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We are now offering a new Asymmetrical ICF configuration wall panel identified in an Oak Ridge National Laboratory report comparing ICF wall panel performance to standard wood stud/wall construction.

The advantage of this new 246% more efficient configuration is that it allows us to build a home structure that requires less materials, fewer components and less labor to install the Geothermal and Solar Energy Management system. That savings means your new home will cost less and it also means more people can afford a true Zero Energy Home!! In fact, consider how much living in a Zero Energy home with virtually no utility bill, about 50% less water bill, and not buying gasoline for 75% to 90% of your family's driving, and you may decide you can't afford NOT to live in a Zero Energy home.
It can also mean a home owner can afford other systems as well, such as water saving or solar lighting as illustrated in our schematic diagram:

Ask us about the availability of conversion electric cars through our affiliation with the Electric Auto Asociation.

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