Saturday, December 27, 2008

Technology Demonstrator Display Home

This is the floor plan of our beautiful Zero Energy display home:
Click on an image below to view a larger photo

This is the artists's illustration of our Technology Demonstrator display home:

This is a Google Earth illustration of the location of the Superstition Mountain Estates subdivision where our Zero Energy Lifestyle Display home will be built:

Here's a photo of the mock ground breaking for our Zero Energy Lifestyle display home at the new Superstition Mountain Estates subdivision:

Introducing from your right; Frank Dell'Armi, Principal Partner of development group of the subdivision; Rick Koberna, General Contractor Builder; At Center; Dipl. Ing. Phys. Edmond Krecké, Founder, Inventor, Developer of Zero Energy system; Don Eyermann, Designer, Isomax system Licensed Partner manufacturer; Tim Owens Solar Power System supplier. Note; Check out Dr. Krecké's international web site at; (Click U.S. flag far left margin for English)

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